Thinking of causing trouble in Rockford on St Patrick's day this Friday? Better think again!

I don't know whether to laugh or be very frightened. The Rockford Police Department just published a photo of their new "paddy wagon" on Facebook. Some random thoughts:

1. How many leprechauns would the RPD haul away to jail in this?

2. Will Rockford's criminal element be frightened by his highly camouflaged police vehicle?

3. Could this vehicle be used to deliver 20 kegs of green beer, or haul away the same?

4. perhaps the Rockford Police department could use it's "paddy wagon" to transport some 'Paddy O' furniture."

5. Maybe the police could use this vehicle to drive all the snakes out of Rockford

If you were to encounter this vehicle on St. Patrick's Day, what would you think?


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