As the saying goes "All creatures great and small, the Lord God made them all."

Some of those creatures aren't considered perfect but in this case they can be "paw-some".

Meet Monty the cat.

To some Monty looks strange. To me he's cute. Monty kind of looks like a rabbit due to being born without nasal bridge.

That little imperfection kept him from being adopted from a Denmark shelter until a loving couple too him in three years ago.

This little guy may sneeze a lot, sometimes loses bladder control when he sleeps, but otherwise according to his fur parents, in, he's perfect. Monty is lovable and sweet.

Monty has become so popular he even has his own Facebook page. Check it out Montyboycat, has over 92,000 likes and still climbing.

It goes to prove that all animals, just like people, are perfect in their imperfections. That's what makes us unique and special.

How's that for your warm fuzzy for the day?

Personally, I think stray shelter animals are the best animals. They really understand how to be and give love.

If you're considering adopting an animals for a fur-ever home take a look at your local shelter. Better yet click on the link below for Q98.5's Pet of the Week and meet McCoy.


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