People Magazine named David Beckham the Sexiest Man Alive this week, but we have our own local winner.

In addition to naming Beckham as the sexiest man, soccer player and dad alive, People decided it would be fun to peruse the dating app Tinder and find the sexiest available guys in each of the fifty states.

I'm still trying to figure out how they managed to go through all off the Tinder profiles in the state before choosing the sexiest, but regardless of how they did it, they landed on Peter when they evaluated the Tinder-ing men in Illinois.

Peter looks like he is a dance party waiting to happen. Do you wanna date Peter? You can do so right here.


Maybe you're into Wisconsin guys? People found one up North for you, too. His name is James and People chose him because his shirt brings out his eyes.


You can date James with just one click.

If you're going on vacation to one of the other 48 states, make sure to check out the whole list from People while you're traveling. Just in case you run into one of these guys.

So People magazine, can we expect a Tinder women list like this when we see your next, "Most Beautiful People" list?