This is not an April Fools' Day joke, Tinder's latest update includes height verification.

Anyone who's been single in the last five years has probably spent some time on Tinder.

What originally started as a hook-up app, is now more of a mainstream dating app and has advanced a lot in the last few years.

Most recently, height verification. Clearly for women to believe how tall men are.

Mashable breaks it down for us, saying that most dudes on Tinder who say they are 5' 10" are really 5 '6".

Which is quite a few inches... and while that maybe shouldn't matter when you're swiping right and left it totally does.

So Tinder is attempting to fix what they refer to as DH, Dream Height, by verifying exactly how tall you are.

Because listen to this... Tinder apparently has the ability to verify your height if you take a picture of yourself next to a commercial building.

The verification hasn't actually made it's way to the app yet, so some are speculating it's an April Fools' Joke, or maybe just a way to scare dudes into stop lying about their height.

I'm sure women can verify their height too, but I've never heard of a dude caring about the height of a woman.

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