Mattress Firm the retailer of mattress isn't sleeping so happy these days as they've announced they will be closing over 200 stores.

Will the closures include the Rockford store?

WGN reports that Mattress Firm announced plans to close 200 stores that are deemed as under-performing.

When inquiring about the company which stores will be in the round of closures, they wouldn't say at this time.

Well, that's sort of good news for Rockford. I mean it wasn't listed yet.

In fact, "Randy Carlin, chief real estate officer, [stated] that any closures over the next 18 months will be on a case-by-case evaluation of stores and lease end dates. He said the closures are not specific to any geographical market."

Ok, so they're methodically going through store by store. That's still fairly positive news for the stateline stores here in Rockford, DeKalb and Machesney Park.

Currently, The mattress store has 3,400 stores nationwide.

Although, they will still close stores they are and will contine with their plans to open new stores regardless.

Well now that's interesting, isn't it?

Fingers crossed that we don't see store closures here in Rockford and Machesney Park. I really don't like seeing empty storefronts.

To see a complete list of store locations, click here.




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