Apologies in advance to your butt because your sense of patriotic duty is about to trump any and all loyalty you may have to your own bodily comfort. Mark your calendars for May 5 (that’s this Thursday; again, sorry to your butt for the short notice), which is when Marvel will unleash the Ultimate Captain America Marathon in select theaters nationwide. The marathon includes the first two Captain America films, both Avengers films, and culminates in — what else — Civil War.

If you’ve been meaning to revisit the relevant MCU titles before Civil War hits theaters, and if you find yourself with, oh, 10 hours of free time on Thursday, and if you don’t mind waking up to see a movie at seven in the morning, then perhaps you should consider attending Marvel’s Ultimate Captain America Marathon. The series kicks off at 7 A.M. local time with Captain America: The First Avenger, followed by The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Once you’ve been sufficiently pumped by all of that, you can grab yourself an extra large caffeinated beverage before watching the premiere of Captain America: Civil War.

Like the previous Ultimate Marvel Marathon, this one comes with some exclusive swag: a special medallion (sure!) and a limited edition copy of the first issue of Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Unlike the previous Ultimate Marvel Marathon, this one will be a bit shorter and thus more endurable.

You can check to see if the marathon is playing at a theater near you and purchase your tickets at Fandango.com.

Captain America: Civil War arrives on May 6.

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