So the other day when the news broke about  someone claiming to be the missing boy Timmothy Pitzen, a lot of people got excited. The news spread like wildfire throughout the nation. At the time, the FBI was doing a DNA test to make sure that it was really him. I'm sure emotions ran extremely deep with the family of the missing boy. Hoping that they found him and he could finally come home.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the results are in now and it turned out to be a huge hoax. Now we know the age of the man. Brian Rini, age 23, knowingly posed as Timothy to the authorities. He know stands to do up to 8 years if convicted. He said he found out about the boy by watching the national TV show 20/20. Rini, is a known felon that was released from prison this year.

After authorities figured out who he really was, he told them that he wanted to get away from his family. This is despicable, I cannot believe someone would do something like this. We are all still hoping that Timmothy will be found, but what would drive a person to do something like this?

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