Wednesday night for my best friend's friends birthday after dinner we treated ourselves to a delicious, or as my friend would say, "fun" drink at Granite City.

Ok who am I kidding, it was more than one.

These tasty Chocolate-tini's were so good, I looked up a recipe to make them at home.

Now there are several easy to make recipes I found through, believe it or not, Including Vanilla Chocolate Martini's, Godiva chocolate martini's and more.

However, I have a bottle of Chocolatier Peppermint Patty Wine that on it's own is way to sweet to drink. I have used it for cream in my coffee, but now I found a recipe that I can make my own Chocolate-tini or rather Chocolatier-Tini. All I need is some Vodka. Oooh I bet a vanilla, marshmallow or chocolate flavored vodka would taste awesome!

Chocolatier Wine Martini - Chocolatier-Tini


  • Two parts of your favorite Chocolatier Wine
  • One part vodka.


Hmmm seems simple enough. All I need is some Hershey's Syrup to decorate the glass I'm thinking I'll be good to go.

I'll let you know how it turns out and if it's as good as the Chocolate-tini's my friend I had the other night at Granite City.


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