Maddie & Tae singer Tae Dye is going to get married. The singer and dark-haired half of the country duo just got engaged to boyfriend and Nashville songwriter Josh Kerr.

Both Dye and Kerr announced the engagement on Instagram on Tuesday morning (Sept. 3), but neither shared details about the upcoming wedding, if they're even known at this early stage.

Kerr dropped to a knee on the front porch of their new house on Monday (Sept. 2). He captioned his photo with "Bought the house. got the ring. asked her dad. got the girl. Forever started Sept 2nd. I love you (Taylor Dye)."

"Can’t wait to love you forever Joshua Peter Kerr," Dye says. "WE’RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!"

The couple have been dating for over a year and were first spotted together on her Instagram in April 2018. However, last October Dye told Taste of Country that the pair were living the duo's song "Friends Don't" for awhile, meaning they were caught in a "what are we?" state.

"We went on our first date and I think four months later put a label on it," she says. "You try to resist love and it's like, 'Gotcha!'"

Maddie & Tae's Maddie Marlow is engaged to longtime boyfriend Jonah Font, with that wedding expected to happen in 2019. Previously Dye dated country singer and songwriter Jackie Lee, while Kerr was previously linked to Kelsea Ballerini. He's written songs for Ballerini, Dylan Scott and Keith Urban.

Maddie & Tae are on tour with Carrie Underwood and promoting their current single "Die From a Broken Heart."

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