Cubs fans have been itching for it for a along time, a chance to go to the playoffs, and so is Cubs manager Joe Madden. he is planning to have a huge party when the Cubs clinch a playoff spot

Regarding the the party he's planning for the team with likelihood of the Cubs wrapping up a playoff berth,  Madden told NBC Chicago

As big as it could possibly be, you celebrate achievement all the time. So I love the fact that we celebrate every night. It has this bonding effect among the group. And then when you go beyond that, celebrate just a little bit harder.


Some have criticized Madden's different style of coaching and celebrating this season, but you can't argue with the success the team has in it's 2015 baseball campaign. Madden likes parties!

He told NBC Chicago:

Listen, the word ‘party’ has taken on a negative connotation in our country these days. It’s really bumming me out. There’s nothing wrong with having a good party. So if you have an opportunity to have a good party, go out and have one. And it’s OK to have a good time.


Rest assured, in the event the Cubs make it past the wild card game and deeper into the playoffs, the entire Midwest will go crazy and have the biggest party planet Earth has ever experienced. Is this the Cub's year? Stay tuned.