For a superstar like Luke Bryan, it can be hard to choose which songs to record. But with his new single "Kick the Dust Up" — the first new track off his upcoming Kill the Lights album — he had some help.

"I feel so blessed to get 100 songs and play them in my truck, and when my boys [young sons Bo and Tate] want to hear that one song over and over and they're going, 'Let's tear it up, up,' I know it's right," Bryan told reporters just before unveiling his Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibit.

Starting from a huge pool, there's only enough room for a few songs on each new album, and they all need to have really broad appeal.

"[The song is] as simple as can be, but there's a time and a place for a fun, simple song," Bryan says of his new single. "There's also a time and a place for a 'Drink a Beer'-type song, and then a love song, and I've got some really neat love songs coming on this album."

Kill the Lights comes out on Aug. 7, and Bryan admits after Bo and Tate gave their approval to "Kick the Dust Up," he realized it was the perfect lead single.

"I think 'Kick the Dust Up' is a big ol' anthemic thing," he says. "It kinda reminds me of 'Country Man,' way back when. It talks about being in a farm town and why would you want to go stand in line and wear black ties and pay $20 for a martini when you can go out and have a great time and kick some dust up in a field?"

He makes a good point.

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