Luke Bryan recalls the time he did get to spend with his late brother Chris in a new song called "Songs You Never Heard." He describes it as a centerpiece of his new IMDB docu-series, set to launch on Friday (Aug. 6).

Josh Osborne and Luke Laird wrote "Songs You Never Heard" after watching clips of Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary (per the Bobby Bones Show). The singer pulls from his formative years, when he and Chris would race to hear new songs by Alan Jackson and spend hours listening to contemporary hits, like Clint Black's "Killin' Time." "Run" by George Strait is one he says his brother would have loved, but by then — as the first verse points out — Chris was gone.

It's not clear if "Songs You Never Heard" will make an upcoming album or only be part of this new documentary. "Waves" is Bryan's current single at country radio and is just inside the Top 10 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

Keith Whitley, Jamey Johnson and Tracy Lawrence are three more artists Bryan refers to during the lyrics of the new acoustic ballad.

The docu-series promises an in-depth look at Bryan's life and backstory, including the heartbreak of losing two siblings and a brother-in-law. Wife Caroline and both parents make appearances to speak to the singer's life and career. Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary is a five-part series.

Luke Bryan, "Songs You Never Heard" Lyrics:

I heard "Run" on the radio yesterday / Got me thinking 'bout how much you love George Strait / But by the time the airwaves ever played that song / You were already gone, you were already home.

And there ain't no one that sounds like Whitley / But I'd bet you find something you'd sing with me / We weren't just …

Killing time singing “Killin' Time” / It was the soundtrack of our lives / Chasing girls and growing up / A lot about living, a little 'bout love / Time marches on, there's a lot of new / Music and memories we'd be drinking to / I think about it and I laugh until it hurts / 'Cause I can hear you singing along / To songs you never heard.

Everything sounded better with the windows down / In your Silverado, rolling 'round that two-lane town / Now there's a few more ball caps, a few less cowboy hats / But we're still singing 'bout dirt roads / I think you'd be okay with that / And I'm thinking about the way you would've acted / The first time you ever heard "In Color” / Man, it makes me wanna go back / When we were just …

Repeat Chorus

You'd be a little off-key / Out on the road with me / High-fiving my whole band / Mama claims it but we all know / You'd be my number one fan / And we'd be.

Repeat Chorus

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