Luke Bryan fans likely know that the country superstar has a large property complete with a farm and extensive animal housing, many of which were adopted as part of Brett's Barn, an organization established by the singer and his wife, Caroline.

But not even the biggest fans know exactly how many animals are currently residing on the Bryan's property — because the singer himself isn't even sure!

"A new animal shows up, like, every day," Bryan explains during a recent appearance on ABC talk show Live With Kelly and Ryan. "We have donkeys, pot-bellied pigs, pet turkeys ... it goes on and on and on. Llamas, miniature goats. All this miniature stuff."

As for the cost of transporting, feeding and housing all the animals? Bryan prefers to remain in the dark about that aspect of farm management, too.

"I told my accountant, 'Whatever you do, never let me see the bill for all these animals. I'll be done," he adds with a laugh.

While the animal family members add plenty of joy and levity to the Bryan household, they're there for a good cause: Brett's Barn is an aspect of the couple's Brett Boyer Foundation, which was created in memory of Caroline's niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, who died at 7 months old from complications of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). The foundation's mission is to raise awareness of CHD, as well as supporting research for the disease.

Brett's Barn was inspired by her decision to fulfill a promise to her infant niece, and adopt a white pony that the family found at a local rescue facility. From there, the barn quickly grew into a menagerie that now houses goats, donkeys, kangaroos, dogs, horses, llamas and more. The family has also since partnered with hospitals such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Vanderbilt Children's Hospital to invite children out to the farm to visit the animals.

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