During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Luke Bryan sat down with show host Jimmy Fallon for a round of the "Singing Whisper Challenge," a game in which the two men took turns wearing noise-canceling headphones and trying to guess what song the other was singing.

Bryan managed to stump Fallon during the first song, as he offered up a falsetto version of Alanis Morissette's 1996 alt-rock hit "Ironic." At one point, the late night host guessed Bryan might be singing Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," and he also had some farther-flung guesses, too (such as "do it right...all the way" and "ShopRite, where you all wanna meet me").

But elsewhere in "Singing Whisper Challenge," Bryan and Fallon proved a surprisingly capable team, with Bryan even correctly guessing an iconic hit from one of his fellow American Idol judges: Lionel Richie.

That song was "All Night Long (All Night)," which was a hit for Richie in 1983. What made it even more impressive that Luke recognized the song, however, was not only did Fallon choose to sing the non-English verse from the song, but that led the audience in clapping along as he did so, inadvertently covering his mouth with his cue cards.

"Way to give me a foreign language!" joked Bryan. "You were so into the 'All Night Long' vibes..."

"I know, it took over. That's such a good jam," Fallon replied.

For their third and final round of the "Singing Whisper Challenge," Bryan serenaded a headphone-wearing Fallon with rock group Whitesnake's 1982 hit, "Here I Go Again," a song that Fallon recognized almost immediately (once Bryan found the right key in which to sing the song).

When Fallon and Bryan weren't busy sharpening their lip-reading skills, they discussed other exciting events on the horizon, such as Bryan's upcoming Proud to Be Right Here Tour. During their interview, the country superstar admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic has kept him off the road for so long, he might have a little trouble remembering the lyrics to his own songs once he starts playing shows.

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