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This video isn't meant to scare the crap out of you, but it just might. This is a video of an abandoned apartment complex, buried in the woods, somewhere in's what else we know.

These apartments are really buried deep into the woods. The guy filming needed to walk over a log, across a creek to access them. These at one time were apartments owned by an Illinois university...the students used these are living quarters. Student population dropped over the years, leaving the apartments to just sit and look creepy.

Obviously by this video you can tell that since the apartments have been empty, there has for sure been people in them. They have been vandalized, partied in and apparently "Bare Bones Died Here?"

After the guy taking the tour inside makes it to the roof, if you look the opposite direction that he entered the complex you can see other buildings belonging to the university:

To me that kinda looks like a tour on the campus of NIU? But truly that could be a campus tour just about anywhere in Illinois. The guessing game that goes with this video is crazy!

In the comment section a few people guessed that this was in Harvey, IL...which the video creator says in incorrect. There are some that think this could be near Springfield, IL. Here is the video description and the actual video, see if you can figure out WHERE in Illinois this is located.

Abandoned In Illinois - Exploring Old Abandoned Apartments Hidden In The Woods These apartments were left vacated and abandoned after the student enrollment at this university severely declined. The property consists of three different buildings, two of which we explore in this video. - LostToWonder


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