Summer 2020 meant prank wars at Luke Bryan's house. Summer 2021 is ushering in pinch wars, and the victim is the singer's mother, LeClaire Bryan.

Caroline Bryan struck first. A video on her Instagram page shows her at the beach with her mother-in-law. When LeClaire bends over to adjust her chair, she gets "goosed."

"My attorney will be contacting you," LeClaire says in the comments. "I’m going to have another Salem."

On camera, her response is less professional. The family matriarch whips around and smacks Caroline on the head as the 41-year-old laughs. But it wouldn't end there.

Several hours after his wife shared her video, Luke Bryan shared a similar home capture. Once again LeClaire is the unsuspecting victim — she's bent over putting some things in the refrigerator when Luke gooses her.

"Summer of the Goose!" he writes. Fans in his comments section are torn between laughing and defending LeClaire.

Fans of the couple know LeClaire well. She even became a topic during a recent conversation between Luke and Jimmy Kimmel. The singer says he's worried about his mom now, because she has more than 200,000 followers on her own Instagram page.

"I'm like, 'How in the hell did this happen?'" Bryan says. "And then I started worrying about the potential fallout, because there’s no telling what she's gonna wake up and do."

Typically, LeClaire is found with a beer or a fishing pole in her hand.

All of these goosings come nearly one year after Caroline Bryan had her own bird incident. An incident with a turkey left her in need of serious medical care.

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