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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and even five months pregnant! MyStateline

Alyssa DeWitt how is five months pregnant, was sitting on a beach near Lake Michigan when she saw so little arms waving from the water. there were a bunch of kids getting slammed against the pier wall, and they could barely keep their heads above water. This pregnant mother jumped into action and made things happen.

Here is a quote from Alyssa DeWitt, what a tear jerking story...

"One of those girls looked at me with so much fear in her eyes and told me she was going to die.. I promised her I would not let that happen. I promised her with everything I had in me. Then the adrenaline kicked into high gear and Somehow i did it. I pulled them up the pier wall, with the waves slamming into me and throwing the kids all over the place, pulling with all my might on wet slippery hands, and almost going over the edge myself a few times. I kept my promise, I was going to do whatever I had to do." - Alyssa DeWitt

Wow, just wow. One by one she reaching down and pulled every kid to safety. After all of the kids were safe and on land, Alyssa went to the emergency room to get herself checked out...Pregnant mom and baby are doing just fine.

"I’m loving my babies a little harder tonight, I’m sure those parents are too." - Alyssa DeWitt

Way to go Alyssa, you are a kind soul.

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