Owning a business is not easy.  For Taylor Lukowski, owner of Triple T Creation Co, she did what most owners probably only dream of - take a month long mental health break.

Taylor Lukowski / 20 years old / Full time student / Entrepreneur

i started triple t to showcase not only my artwork but my passion for advocacy. my business always will be a safe space for your identity.


In December of 2019, Taylor created her Instagram for Triple T Creation Co.  What started as just a 'side hustle' selling her artwork and designs on Instagram slowly turned into a business that presented so many opportunities for her future!

Fast forward to 2020: Being a one-woman show, Taylor hustled day and night making custom designs for cheer teams, bridal parties, graduation caps, and elementary school classes.  The demand for her beautiful artwork grew faster as the year went on.

She even made an incredible amount of custom shirts for her healthcare coworkers and all the mommas in the world!

In April 2021, Taylor launched a bunch of original designs on crewnecks, t-shirts, and long sleeves tees.  She displayed her merchandise inside of The Midwest Rustic in Downtown Rockford.  Her customers didn't go unnoticed either, she left a message for everybody who enabled her to do what she loves:

YOU are the reason that i was even a little spec in this amazing store. YOU are the reason that i have been invited to do some insanely amazing stuff this past year. YOU are the reason i am who i am. YOU make life possible. YOU have sparked a new form of happiness, drive, & worth inside of me.


She started selling merch at her pop-up shop at Rockford City Market every Friday night and let me tell you... her shop was always packed every time I walked past.

I am completely shocked and blown away from the amount of love, support, and new faces that I have encountered over the summer from Rockford City Market. ⠀


Her Holiday Collection was one of the last updates she posted about on Instagram in November of 2021.  After that, she went ghost mode online.

Was Taylor okay?  Was Triple T Creation Co done? Would we get any updates? There were so many unanswered questions that left not only me, but Taylor's customer base confused and concerned.

Taylor didn't post again until February 6th, 2022.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, she popped back online and announced she's returning from a mental health break and launching her V-Day Collection.  We love a good mental health break, girl!!!

I decided to take a month-long mental health break, last month. i felt myself slipping & i had to get my mind, body & soul back on track. this business is like my baby, but sometimes i work myself way too hard while trying to balance being a full time student, entrepreneur, & just a regular 20 year old.


The response from her post was absolutely incredible.

triple t creation co
triple t creation co
Emily Sotakoun

This is the true definition of a 'warm welcome back'.  Taylor has built a customer base that really seems to be a family.  They're by her side every step of the way, support her, her local business, and her amazing passion for the art she creates.  They understand when she needs to take a break and that's what I call one heck of a support system.

Follow in Taylor's footsteps if you're looking for inspiration - She continues pursuing what she loves, surrounds herself with amazing people, but knows her limits to keep herself genuinely happy every single day.

Your mental health is always a priority.  Period.  Visit Triple T Creation Co online and on Instagram to shop her empowering collections!

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