My Café Amore is a new coffee shop that recently opened at The Bricks in Cherry Valley, Illinois, but there is a whole lot more to love about this place than a delicious latte.

The Importance of Locally-Owned Businesses

I'm a sucker for locally-owned, cute, and unique businesses that open in the 815. Not only do I feel it is extremely important to support our neighbors, but every local business has its own vibe and purpose that we can all really get behind.

Buying from a local business puts money back into our community. It helps pay for birthdays, dance lessons, and family events. It helps local families thrive instead of just lining the already very deep pockets of a CEO or large corporation.

Local businesses matter, and the mission of the new coffee shop in Cherry Valley, My Café Amore, is way bigger than getting us addicted to their special brews and treats.

Three Things to Love About My Café Amore

When I first heard that a new coffee shop had opened at The Bricks Venue Center in Cherry Valley I had to learn more about it, and what I discovered totally made me smile.

1. My Café Amore has everything a true coffee lover could want. Their menu features cold brews, espresso, tea, blended drinks, macchiatos, lemonade, treats, and SO much more. They even have fun apparel and accessories available for purchase.

2. The owner, Morgan Bell, is also a mom and Cherry Valley Police Officer.

3. My Café Amore's mission is to be a safe haven for our community. The website says;

Cafè Amorè will be collaborating with local non-profit agencies to provide survivors of trauma, domestic violence, and substance abuse a chance to work voluntarily to gain work experience.

My Café Amore is still operating on limited hours while they work all the kinks out, but they will be open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays until 5 p.m. (Keep an eye on their Facebook for updated hours).

Can't wait to fall in love with you soon, My Café Amore!

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