With Labor Day just around the corner, I'm fairly certain a majority of us will have our grills all fired up and plenty of burgers will be thrown on.

Before settling for the usual, take look at these tasty burgers.

If you always go for a burger with ketchup and mustard, then get ready for a taste bud explosion as you try one or all 21 burgers that you need in your life.  My mouth is watering looking at this list.

Heck! the Black Angus Roasted Garlic Beef burger I made last night (although awesomely tasty) pales in comparison to these creations. Just reading their names is enough for me.

I'm thinking that the Grilled Bourbon Bacon Burger, Bacon Stuffed Cheesy Burger, Stuffed Mexican Burger, Loaded Nacho Burger, or Ravioli Stuffed Slider Burger sound awesome.

Take a look at this list and see what you think.

You know there's enough recipes here to fill almost three weeks worth for of all you burger needs.