A local teacher is shaving his head, holding up his end of a deal he made with his fifth grade. Here's why Mr. Rollins at Washington Academy held up his end of the bargain. 

A local teachers teaches and provides a valuable lesson in keeping your word. Mr. Rollins is a teacher at Washington Academy. He helped his students get involved in National Novel Writing Month last month by challenging them to write 500,000 words.

The students at Washington Academy set their own goal in October, and than began to write like crazy. All with the goal to get Mr. Rollins to shave his head. Mr. Rollins promised the kids he would shave his head and wear a wig if they were successful in reaching their set goal which was agreed upon by all parties.

According to WIFR TV-23, "East State Barber Stylists helped Mr. Rollins keep his promise".

Scott Olson, Getty Images

The lesson learned are two fold. One is to read, write and learn. The other is to keep your word. When you agree to a promise, you keep it.

Thank you Mr. Rollins. Surely, he should be nominated for a Golden Apple Award from the area in the next round of voting.