Here's a a feel good story for the day.

A local Rockford sixth grader makes blankets for cancer patients.

What started as a community service project has now become a mission for sixth grader Ryan Anderson.

WTVO reports that Ryan "didn't really know what to do for a community project [for school], and then he thought "I wanted to do something for cancer, and my mom had an idea that maybe we could do blankets."

Ryan made 10 blankets for cancer patients being treated at the SwedishAmerican Regional Cancer Center. With each blanket, that Ryan hand delivered, he enclosed a note that read:

"Hi, my name is Ryan, I made this blanket for you to remind you that you are not alone in the fight against cancer. Hopefully this blanket makes you feel better when you do not feel the best. Sincerely, Ryan."

Ryan made ten blankets for the school project and now he wants to keep it going. He'd like to make 60 more blankets.

Wow! Isn't that so cool. It brought tears to my eyes.

Ryan is certainly doing a good deed for strangers and reaching out to them during their darkest hours.

To see the video and to read more, click here.

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