The minimum age to purchase a pack of cigarettes in Illinois could increase substantially if some Illinois lawmakers get their way.

Presently only five states have statewide laws mandating the minimum age of 21 to purchase cigarettes and tobacco products, buy Illinois may soon become be the sixth.

According to the Chicago Tribune, State Sen. Julie Morrison of Deerfield and State Rep. Camille Lilly of Oak Park have introduced legislation to ban sales from anyone under the age of 21 in Illinois.

The initiative is called Tobacco 21. The group also plans on banning e-cigarettes to those under 21.

The goal of the law is to stop teens from smoking before they start. Statistics show that teens, are more likely to ask an 18 year old to buy them tobacco. Teens and young adults are likely to never start smoking if they have to ask people over the age 21 and older to buy cigarettes for them.

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