The good news is that unemployment rates have been failing nationally, however, not every community has been able to share in the good fortune. In fact, one Illinois town ranks as the second worse in the entire country.

It is estimated that unemployment nationwide is running at a rate if 4%. Back in 2009, at the height of the economic crisis, unemployment was hovering at a staggering rate of 9%. crunched the numbers to determine the rankings of each of the 50 United States.  The good news is that Rockford did not make the top 3, however, the town of Decatur, has the second worst town with highest percent unemployed in the entire country at a staggering 71.4 % of people over the age of 16 unemployed.

The three worst towns "highest percent unemployed" in Illinois are:

In Wisconsin, the three worst zip codes to find employment

As of November 2017, Rockford had an unemployment rate of 5.5%  The town in the United States with the highest percent unemployed is Cookeville,TN. The rate is 87.4%.

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