It's Monday, and we're all dragging. We sit at work and daydream about a weekend full of vegging on the couch watching Netflix. Well, according to a new survey, we should stop that, because lazy weekends are bad for your health. 

I know you're probably thinking, "Duh, of course being lazy for two days is bad for us." To be honest, I thought the same thing at first, but then I read that even a day of laying around is worse for your weight than an entire work week sitting at a desk!

Here's why according to an article on;

"We know that, on average, people consume less or eat healthier diets on weekdays," explained study author Clemens Drenowatz, an assistant professor of exercise science at University of South Carolina in Columbia, S.C.

"So, they may be able to get by with less activity on weekdays because their diet makes up for it. On weekends, they're eating more, which requires more activity or less sedentary behavior to offset," Drenowatz said.


The study goes on to explain that even cutting your weekend couch potato time by 20 minutes will add up to a loss of about 2 pounds and more than 1% body fat in a year. Ok, that may not seem like much, but that loss of weight doesn't require massive exercising, only separating your tooshie from the couch cushions for 20 minutes. That sounds do-able to me!

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