Facebook added a "laughing" reaction back in 2016 and I hate it. Yes, this will come across as an emotion-based article but hear me out. The laughing reaction is a sure-fire way to identify the scum of humanity. if you're already disagreeing or rolling your eyes you may be part of the problem in society.

Obviously, everything in the form of text and video is shared on Facebook, especially from the media. When it is television news stations, radio stations, blogs, magazines/newspaper turned digital, we (the media) use social media on the regular. And, as much as some people claim we are the problem, people need to look at social media users because they are humans who can control their own thoughts and ideas. A prime example is the reactions to a COVID-19 related story I scrolled to from Eyewitness News.

The poorly-written headline actually comes from KELO-TV out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I’m not going home’: SD man who said COVID-19 was fake needs double lung transplant to live

In short, a man who claimed the coronavirus was fake contracted the disease in October 2020. The man, who is a husband and father of several children, remains hospitalized while he waits for a double liver transplant. He explained the damage COVID-19 has done to his lungs in a video call with the Sioux Falls news station. The prognosis is terrible and he is certain, based on doctors' diagnosis, he will be dead in two months without the transplant. This story came about after the man shared a video with family and friends on Facebook telling them to take COVID-19 seriously. KELO's story was crossposted to their Rockford affiliate's (Eyewitness News) website, which was shared on Facebook.

The reactions confirm we share our world with the nauseating decay of society, something that has been very apparent over the past few years more so than in the past. As of this article, a few dozen folks reacted (through Facebook's like button) with the laughing emoji. The man who thought COVID-19 was fake will likely die in a hospital, leaving behind his wife and kids and those who love him. It's not like he refused to tie his shoes and he tripped, fell, and scraped his knee. People were probably thinking, "that's what he gets." Really? Death? That what he deserves? He is on the brink of death. How is that funny? What kind of piece of garbage laughs at that?


While writing this article the number of reactions has increased including the "laughing" reaction, which is roughly 10 percent of the comments. The good news is a majority of those reacting aren't insensitive people. The bad news is the remainder weren't hugged enough as a child.

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