You can smell the breath and more of a tyrannosaurus rex at the Field Museum in Chicago.

When it comes to kids, the prehistoric animals are a big deal. They absolutely love them. There are dinosaur-themed movies, television shows, games, clothes, costumes, and so much more. They can't get enough. The more the information they can find out the better.

I have a feeling that this new exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago is going to be very popular.

According to,

"Ever want to smell the breath of a tyrannosaurus rex? Now you can at the Field Museum. It's a feature of a really cool new feature of the museum's Evolving Planet exhibit. The home of Sue the T. Rex includes sensory stations where you can smell, hear, and feel what it was like to live back then. It will get visitors closer than ever to feeling like SUE is there and alive in the room with them."

This sounds really cool. I'm definitely going to have to check it out. You don't have to be a child to love dinosaurs.


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