Keith Urban has inspired a hilarious new segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In an appearance on Thursday (May 12), the superstar partakes in 'Keith Urban Dictionary,' a video series borrowed from the Urban Dictionary, a website where people give definitions for slang words.

In a minute-long clip, Urban very seriously reads selections from the Urban Dictionary. "Treesome: when two people have sex up a tree," he reveals.

He then deadpans to define the terms THOT and Eskimo Brother. While some are more raunchy than others, Urban has no issue providing knowledge to the masses. One term he refused to share, though, was his own name defined. In the real Urban Dictionary, the singer is described as "A very good looking country singer. Keith is a stud."

Also in the episode, DeGeneres teaches Urban what Throwback Thursday is with an epic picture of the singer sporting a mullet.

"Oh yeah. Wow," he responds upon seeing it. "You know, I hadn't met a lot of dentists by then. Thank goodness."

DeGeneres' reply?

"Well, look at you now."

She then shares two photos of Urban and his wife, Nicole Kidman, at the Met Ball looking lovingly at one another. The couple will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary next month, and DeGeneres was curious what romantic celebration he has in store. As it turns out, Urban is booked to perform in Boston on the big day. He did consult Kidman on the tour date though, initially trying to move the show.

"It's Boston! It's fantastic. The tour was laid out and I said, 'I can't work on our anniversary,'" Urban recalls. "And Nic said, 'What about I come up to Boston and we'll celebrate it there?'"

Urban has previously said that being married 10 years in Hollywood is really like being together for 30 years, telling DeGeneres that meeting Kidman was like the beginning of his life.

"Someone asked me if it was life changing meeting her. And I said, I think it was more like it was like the beginning for me," he explains. "I feel like I spent all the years leading up to that preparing. I didn't know I was, but that's what it feels like in hindsight."

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