When you're craving that turkey for your Thanksgiving meal, no matter how cute your dog's puppy dog eyes or begging is, DO NOT give them any of that golden turkey skin.

It's bad, bad , BAD for them!

Here's a few helpful tips in keeping your dog safe this Thanksgiving.

As I mentioned before the turkey skin is really bad for them. It's hard for them to digest.

The Animal Rescue Site, has a list of eight potentially dangerous to foods we shouldn't feed our dogs over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Turkey skin

Sage (often in dressing/ stuffing)


Cooked Bones (they can splinter in your dogs throat and stomach.)

Nutmeg (found in pumpkin pie)


Chocolate, Cookie Dough or Batter

Onions and Garlic

For complete details about these dangerous foods click here.

So no matter how much they beg don't do it.