These are crazy, scary, unprecedented, and unknown times we are living through right now. Yes, this COVID-19 pandemic totally sucks, but the way we feel and the things we are experiencing deserve to be preserved as a vital piece of our family's history.

If you're like me, I'm trying to navigate this new homeschooling life by finding out-of-the-box ways to keep my kids engaged and learning while still having fun. Several of my mom friends have sent me the link to this printable COVID-19 time capsule from Long Creations on Facebook that I will definitely have my kids doing this week, and I think your kids will love doing it too.


Long Creations via Facebook
Long Creations via Facebook

As a parent, I look at these time capsule sheets and I think they do a great job of preserving everything I want to look back and remember about my girls during this time. How old they were, what we did to stay busy, how they felt, and it even gives parents a chance to write a letter to their children about what they are feeling. I want my girls to be able to look back and read about how proud I am of their resilience and positivity in such trying times, especially when their Mom is trying not to lose it on a daily basis.

FYI, Long Creations has COVID-19 time capsule variations for adults only and for pregnant women as well available for download via Facebook. Might be fun to print those out too while you're at it.

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