Kane Brown is celebrating Father's Day this year with a powerful musical tribute to his daughter, Kingsley Rose. The singer celebrated his first Father's Day as a dad with a special acoustic performance of "For My Daughter."

Brown released the video above exclusively via Vevo for Father's Day on Sunday (June 20). He performs the touching song that he wrote for his daughter very simply in the clip, seated and accompanied by an acoustic guitarist and gentle strings.

The lyrics are a vow that he will always be there for his daughter in a way that his father never was for him.

"They say dads are supposed to shape you / In a way I guess mine did / I knew what I wouldn't do if I ever had a kid / They say history repeats itself, but I guess that's up to me / I grew up without a dad so I'm gonna be the best one I can be / Yeah I'm gonna be a dad and I'm gonna be the best one I can be," he sings in the emotional performance.

Brown married his wife, Katelyn, in October of 2018, and they welcomed their daughter in October of 2019. He shared "For My Daughter" with fans via social media shortly after, and he explained its significance during an appearance on the Today Show on Feb. 27.

"My dad's been in prison since '96," Brown said before performing the song. "So I kinda grew up without a dad. So I knew that whenever I had a daughter, I was always gonna be there for her, and just be the best I could be."

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