When you think of Illinois, and food in the Land of Lincoln, you probably think "pizza and hot dogs."

Deep dish pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs are two things people from out of state gravitate to most when it comes to getting a real Illinois, or Chicago experience.

Apparently, we, myself included, have forgotten how popular pumpkin is in Illinois. Wait, pumpkin?

The Daily Meal put together a list of the Most Iconic Food From Every State and Illinois' "most iconic" is pumpkin.

85 percent of consumed pumpkin in the United States happens to come from Illinois. The state is so dedicated to this crop that one of the best parts about Thanksgivingpumpkin pie, was named the official state dessert in 2015.

I've got beef with pumpkin pie. It's fine, don't get me wrong, but it's certainly not the most iconic food.

If I was asked to dole out "most iconic" awards for food in Illinois, it would most definitely be pizza.

However, you can miss me with the deep dish stuff. The for real most iconic food in Illinois, according to me, tavern-style pizza.

That's where it's at. What is your "most iconic" Illinois food? Tell us!

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