Hungry? Good. I hope you enjoy these things because we eat more of these in Illinois than just about every other state in America.

You might be confused regarding the status of this food considering when it comes to competitions eating these they happen mostly in New York.

All that said, the most famous version of these just so happens to feature the name of the biggest city in Illinois, so go figure.

If you guessed "hot dogs" as the food we eat more of than nearly every other state in the U.S. you'd be correct. If you thought Illinoisans eat more hot dogs than any other, you'd be wrong, however.

Chicago hot dog on a poppy seed bun
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A website totally devoted to one of the easiest foods on the planet to eat called, says folks in West Virginia eat more hot dogs than Illinois peeps.

Per capita, Illinois people eat 317 a year, while West Virginians down 481. Whoa!

Eric Thayer
Eric Thayer
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The Hot Dog:

Despite West Virginia’s numbers, however, it’s the state of Illinois that is called 'the hot dog capital of America.'

So if Illinois is going to wear that crown it's probably because Chicagoans love hot dogs, right?

Well, that may be true but:

When it comes to cities, Los Angeles, California takes the cup. The NHDSC records that L.A. residents consume over 90 million hot dogs a year.

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