Red Bull, step aside,and make way for the original energy drink: JOLT COLA! It's back!

As of Thursday, you will be able to get your hands on Jolt Cola in Rockford and the Stateline. Nutritious? Not a chance!

So what is in Jolt Cola? Check out the nutrition label.

Yes, the original 80's-era high calorie, high caffeine drink will make a return, back in it's original 16 oz can. However, there is a catch, you will only be able to purchase Jolt cola at Dollar General stores. The good news is, there are over 65 Dollar General stores in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Click HERE for Rockford and Stateline locations

Google Maps via Dollar General

Jolt cola first came on the scene in 1985 and for me, was a staple of my diet with I did morning radio! Hey, I needed something to keep me awake while I was playing Duran Duran records!

Each can will sell for $1, which ain't bad. You may want to stock up, because it could go fast.

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