Fake $100 bills have turned up, and what's real scary is that these phony bills passed the marker test.

You've all seen it before, you go to the bank and deposit some cash, or go to a local business and purchase something with currency, and the teller or cashier will whip out a special felt tip marker and draw a small line on the bill. This is a test to determine whether you are attempting, unknowingly or intentionally, to pass off a counterfeit bill.

If the mark on the bill leaves a small yellowish tan streak, you're okay, if it shows up black, well, expect a call to cops and a bit of explaining. This test, up until now, is a very accurate way to determine the authenticity of paper currency.

Unfortunately, someone has found a way to beat the 'marker test' and pass off fake $100 bills in the Lakeview area of Chicago.

ABC7 reports that a wave of fake $100's have bee turning up that pass the marker test. According to ABC7:

Business owner Andrew McGuire said that a male in his 20s walked into McGuire's restaurant at 2914 N. Ashland Ave. in Lakeview on Sunday and gave the cashier a $100 bill. The bill passed the marker test but lacked other security features.

Other businesses in the area also had counterfeit $100's show up.

None of these bills have been spotted or reported in the Rockford area as of yet. Recently a friend in Rockford shared this $100 bill with me, can you spot it's a fake?

Fake $100 Bills Spotted in Northern Illinois
Mark Charvat / Townsquare media

Yep, "motion picture use only." Yep, its a movie prop, but sure does look real This bill was passed on to a business owner in the Rockford area, and he didn't even notice!

Scary stuff! There are ways to protect yourself as criminals become more sophisticated in counterfeiting. $100 bills are designed with many other security features you need to be aware of.

Now keep in mind older $100 bills have fewer security features.

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