When the damn menu flips to breakfast and you just want a damn cheeseburger....Curses McD's, curses! Oh, and let me guess...the ice cream machine isn't working!?!

A Janesville, Wisc woman was in the a McDonald's drive thru when the menu flipped to breakfast. (Editors note this happened a few years back and some things have changes with the TIMING of the menu flip, but this story is too damn good).

Shanaya Edgell arrived at McDonald's around 3am when the menu was switching as all she wanted was a cheeseburger. When she was told that they had switched to the BREAKFAST menu, Shanaya was NOT Ronald McDonald happy.

McDonalds Opening
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She turned to her boyfriend in the car with her, BIT HIS ARM and ripped his shirt off!

The couple drove away without a burger, and he boyfriend without a shirt....but then Shanaya Edgell had a change of heart...she wanted breakfast after all.

McDonalds To Offer Its Breakfast Menu All Day Long
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During the drive back she began punching and biting the boyfriend even more! What the heck dude, just get out of the car. Well, that's what Shanaya Edgell did...When cops arrived, she was on TOP OF THE CAR. With no cheeseburger.

When asked by the cops why she was on the roof of the car, "because I was acting crazy." Can someone say HANGRY?

Joe Raedle, Getty Images
Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Miss "Crazy" was arrested for disorderly conduct. Granted, McDonald's cheeseburgers are good...but arrested, $150 bond good? No thank you.


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