Jake Owen stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Tuesday (Aug. 5) to talk about an important issue in the state of California: water conservation.

The Golden State has had an unusually warm year, which has caused a drought. And since state residents won't listen to "boring" state officials, he called on a celebrity for a little help in spreading the word. And who better to discuss water conservation than a self-proclaimed water lover?

Owen performed the hilarious PSA to spread the word about the need to ... well, 'Drink Our Pee.' Yes, really -- Owen wants us to drink our urine!

"I have to do my part, man," Owen says. "I feel like I could come here tonight and maybe add some awareness to this."

"We can't wait for Mother Nature to gives us what we need, it's time for me and you, Jimmy, to go ahead and drink our pee," the 'Beachin' singer sings in 'Drink Our Pee.' "It's time for you and me to drink our pee -- drink that pee! Yeah, we gotta drink our pee right here in the land of Liberty."

Kimmel calls the whole idea "disgusting" (and we don't blame him), but Owen assures him it's not -- after all, monkeys do it. "Ninety-five percent of our urine is pure H20," the country star says, adding that the rest of it is "absolutely delicious with a splash of cranberry and a lime."

At the end of the song, Kimmel's assistant Guillermo showed up with a couple of a glasses of yellow liquid. Kimmel apparently changed his tune, because he sipped from the glass, while Owen did not.

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