Jake Owen's infectious song "Drink All Day," from his 2019 album Greetings From ... Jake, is a summertime day-drinking anthem. It's classic Owen: part toes-in-the-sand tropical, part classic country storytelling, and an overwhelming sense of shrug-it-off positivity.

"Drink All Day" is the ideal catchy track for cracking open a cold beer on the beach, or just on your day off. Read on for the story behind the song -- written by Daniel Ross, Ernest K. Smith, Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley and Josh Miller -- in Owen's own words.

The original title for the song was called “Catamaran Dan,” which I still think should be the title, but "drink all day" is definitely the hook of that song. We’ve all heard that a million times: "You can’t drink all day unless you start in the morning." Once again, it’s one of those songs I just never had heard written before.

It came across my wavelengths, like, perfect song for me. I’ve always been really fortunate during summertime and spring to kind of have those kinds of songs that fit the environment for that moment and that season. This one just seemed perfect. It’s a good excuse to go to the islands and film a video.

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