This is starting to happen more and more. Distracted drivers are ruining the safety of our roads. My father rode motorcycle and he was in two different accidents. One time a lady ran a stop sign and hit him. He was in a wheel chair for over a year. He broke almost every bone in his body. Bikes are so beautiful but the danger can be immense if other drivers are not paying attention. That's what happened in Janesville yesterday according to

A car hit and killed a 68 year old motorcyclist on Hwy 14. Police say that several vehicles were driving eastbound on HWY 14, they began to slow down for a vehicle that was turning onto North West River Drive. Gerald Field age 36, failed to slow his vehicle down and hit a 68 year old man that was riding a Harley. The man on the motorcycle was rushed to the hospital but he later died. Police say the Driver in question, Fields may have fallen asleep at the wheel prior to the crash. They are citing him for Inattentive driving but I really think the charge should be much worse.

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