The porch pirates in the Milwaukee area are stepping up their crime game by stealing delivery vans.

Crime Including Porch Pirates Getting Worse In Wisconsin

I don't know if you've noticed but crime has gotten much worse. It's happening everywhere including Wisconsin. Porch pirates are really bad. If you're not familiar, they steal the packages off your front porch before you get home from work to grab them. So many people are ordering merchandise off the internet, there's plenty of loot to steal all around town. Recently, a Wisconsin porch pirate took his stealing game to the next level.

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Wisconsin Amazon Delivery Van Stolen By Car Thief

On the afternoon of Saint Patrick's Day, police were called to the scene of a Milwaukee neighborhood. An Amazon delivery van driver was out on his route bringing packages to residents. At one point, he was approached and threatened by an unknown man. The suspect demanded the keys to the vehicle and took off. Luckily, the employee was not harmed.

Amazon Van Stolen In Milwaukee

Milwaukee Police Catch Amazon Delivery Van Thief

A cop car on patrol spotted the stolen Amazon delivery van just a couple of miles away from where the suspect grabbed it. The officers tried to pull over the vehicle but the thief would not do it. He started offroading to try and escape. The police put out road spikes to give the van flat tires. The carjacker was forced to stop in a parking lot. Multiple law enforcement agents were there to arrest him.

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