My family spends a lot of time up in Wisconsin at our cabin, and for some reason, my animal-obsessed daughters have become obsessed with watching trail cam videos on YouTube lately. Their fascination has since rubbed off on me, and I recently did my own search for interesting Wisconsin trail cam videos.

Best Wisconsin Trail Cam Videos

If you like watching videos of wildlife, there are a TON of trail cam videos to choose from on the internet. After hopping on YouTube and searching for "best Wisconsin trail cam videos", this one immediately caught my eye because of the video's thumbnail depicting a buck with a broken leg. I wanted to see how this poor guy got on with a broken limb, but what I found instead has me nothing short of perplexed.

Game Trail Camera Videos - Northwoods via YouTube
Game Trail Camera Videos - Northwoods via YouTube

Something Terrifying Is Lurking in Wisconsin's Northwoods

As I was watching this video from Game Trail Camera Videos - Northwoods on YouTube, I noticed a comment below that said;

I believe at about 16:30 thirty around there you have eye shine and I believe you caught a big foot..So cool..

Of course, I had to fast-forward to about the 16:30 minute marker to see what that viewer was referring to....and now I kind of wish I didn't.

WTH is this thing?!?!

Game Trail Camera Videos - Northwoods via YouTube
Game Trail Camera Videos - Northwoods via YouTube

If you watched the video and saw those quickly appearing and disappearing eyes, they are HUGE! The coyote knew something was there, but what was it?!?

The eyes look too big to be a bear and are bears even scared of coyotes because whatever this thing is it appears to have left when it noticed the coyote.

Is it a GHOST? (I don't even want to think about that!)

Could it really be BIGFOOT? I don't usually buy into the whole Bigfoot existence thing, BUT those eyes have me questioning everything that I thought to be true, especially after seeing this viewer reply on the YouTube video;

if you google big foot in pembine Wisconsin there is a site that keeps all the recorded sightings and there was a big foot sighting by a police officer few years ago, which is really close to the location of the trail cameras.


What do you think the creature is that this Wisconsin coyote encountered in the woods? Send us a message on the app and tell us what you think!

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