Illinois is taking a significant step forward in an effort to reduce plastic pollution by passing a bill that would ban the use of disposable food containers made of styrofoam.

Environmental Advocates Applaud the Ban

The Illinois Environmental Council, an organization that advocates for environmental protection, calls the ban a huge step forward in addressing the plastic pollution crisis. The executive director of IEC Jen Walling said it is not possible to recycle our way out of this problem.

She pointed out that the ban would encourage businesses to find more sustainable alternatives to one-time-use styrofoam containers.


The Ban Will Reduce Plastic Pollution in Illinois

Volunteers have picked up an astounding 57,000 foam pieces from Illinois beaches and waterways, according to Anja Brandon, associate director of U.S. plastics policy at Ocean Conservancy.

The ban on styrofoam\ would significantly reduce plastic pollution in Illinois. Brandon also noted that foam cannot be recycled and can contaminate the waste stream, making it difficult to recycle other materials.

Effective Recycling Will Be Encouraged

The restriction on styrofoam containers will also encourage more individuals to recycle. Removing a non-recyclable material from the equation will guarantee that other materials can undergo proper recycling procedures without any risk of contamination from styrofoam.

This will maintain the health of the recycling system, curtail the likelihood of materials ending up in landfills or polluting the environment, and foster the practice of effective recycling.

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The bill, which passed with a 67-43 vote, now moves to the Senate and is a bold move towards a more sustainable future.

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