Do you love camping AND the comforts of home? Well, you can have the best of both worlds in these glamping tents this summer.

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If you're unfamiliar with glamping, it's basically "glam" and camping combined. So camping, but with more amenities such as a bathroom, bed, even your own personal shower. There are these incredible tents that you can rent in the state that will give you a nice well-rounded experience of camping...with the comforts of a nice hotel. The best part is they are just a short road trip away.

These glamping tents are available to rent via Airbnb. There are two that we've highlighted here. One is a huge glamping tent in the woods of Des Moines, Iowa that you'll definitely be comfortable in, as it has a king-sized bed and AC and heat. The other is a tent on Luna Valley Farm that's nestled near Decorah, Iowa. The farm grows organic crops, has cattle and sheep, and even wood-fired pizza. Now that's some luxury camping. See these glamping tents for yourself in the photos below.

Iowa Glamping Tents To Take Advantage of Before Summer Ends [PHOTOS]

Fall is growing near and summer will be gone before we know it, why not take advantage of the summertime we have left and do a little glamping?

Gallery Credit: Danielle

As you can see, glamping may be the way to go to comfortably get some time outdoors. If a tent isn't quite you're style though, and you want something even more unique, there are plenty of options. Like this train caboose for example.

You Can Stay the Night in a Train Caboose Here in Iowa

An adorable Airbnb in Decorah, Iowa welcomes guests to stay the night inside of a remodeled train caboose!

Train not your thing? What about a school bus instead?

Iowa School Bus Airbnb Features Amazing Scenery [PHOTOS]

This fully renovated Skoolie sits along the banks of the Upper Iowa River.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Brainard

If the train or the bus doesn't do it for you, there's always this tiny little house down by the river bottom. It even has its own hot tub and beach area.

You Can Stay In a Tiny River Bottom House in Eastern Iowa [GALLERY]

If you've ever wanted to stay in a tiny, little house down by the river, here's your opportunity.

Gallery Credit: Danielle

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