Some of the most interesting storms happen when opposite types of air meet. The same goes for relationships and this is a great example. It's the funny thing that happens when an Illinois girl meets a Wisconsin guy and this is true every single time.

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Kudos to comedian Laura Clery who just dropped this YouTube short which plays out like just about every man/woman conversation I've ever heard when they originate from rivalry states like Illinois and Wisconsin.

Cheese heads, ladies driving...and go.

"We just use you for your lakes"

"Yeah? We just use you for your dispensaries."

Well played. I decided that I'd try to list all the things that Illinois and Wisconsin have in common and...well, there aren't any.

The one thing I can point you to is following Laura Clery through her official website and the many social media platforms she dominates. She says that she loves to make you laugh and I believe in this case it's mission accomplished.

I believe the Cheese Head guy in the video is Charlie Berens. He's worth a follow, too as long as you can tolerate the Packers. He's a comedian, too and even has a book. He is the first comedian I've heard of that also understands how to write a book. Congratulations. You can follow him through his official website also.

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