A Chicago area detailer has gone viral after sharing details of their new detailing service - "We don’t ask questions, we get the job DONE" along with photos of what looks like a crime scene.

Using the blood drop emojis in their post, the shop showed off their new promotion.

"DONT ASK, DONT TELL We don’t ask questions, we get the job DONE‼️ EMERGENCY DETAILS START AT $200+ inbox us about your car today," they wrote.

The first photo in the "Before and After" photo session shows the backseat of a vehicle covered in what appears to be a very large blood stain.

Tonys Touch Auto Detailing showed the rest of the process of the car, showing before and after shots of the car.

Not too bad on the bench seat, but how about the back of the driver's seat?

They got that all cleaned up too.

I bet you there isn't any amount of luminol that'll turn up any evidence of what happened in this car.

The post quickly hit viral status, with 35,000 shares.

"There's no law that say you have to report blood to the police. You clean cars not play detective!!!" a Facebook user commented.

Many users made comments about "BBL's," or Brazillian Butt Lift surgery, which apparently makes you bleed out of your cheeks like crazy.

"Reminds me how the puppy pads looked on the bed after my BBL," one commenter wrote, with another saying "BBL transportation only!"

Check out the full post for yourself here:


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