I cannot recall meeting any coffee that I didn't like. That being said, there are some Missouri places that apparently brew the java better than others. There's a recent ranking of the top 26 specialty coffee places in Missouri.

I have a couple of complaints about this list which I'll address after I share it. It seems to me that some geographical locations in Missouri were favored over others and some were just plain and simply ignored. Coffeetopia seemed to only be aware of the larger population parts of the state not aware there are great coffee places in northeast Missouri, too.

With that disclaimer, here are the 33 specialty coffee places they have declared best in Missouri:

I will confess that I have not tried any of these Missouri coffee places, but wonder out loud why you don't see Hebrews XI Coffee, Java Jive, Stardust Coffee House, Mimi's Coffee House or Chocolaterie Stam. The list above is nice for big city folks, but I'd like to speak up for the smaller Missouri places who offer great coffee, too.

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