Last season's "lost season" is behind us, and today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball. The sun will be shining, but operations at Wrigley Field in Chicago are going to look and feel a little different than in previous home openers.

For starters, attendance will be allowed, but as you may already know, it will be at much-reduced capacity. At first, the Cubs were going to be allowed to host today's 1:20pm game at 20 percent capacity, or a little over 8,000 fans. Then, the decision was made to add in an extra 5 percent, which will raise the number of people allowed into the game to about 10,000.

According to the Chicago Cubs website, some of the notable changes that have been made because of the COVID-19 pandemic include no paper tickets (you'll get the ticket on your phone), masks are required for anyone two years old and older, seating areas will be blocked off for social distancing, and partitions now separate the bleacher seats.

If you wear a "gaiter" type mask, leave it at home, because those masks and masks with an exhalation valve are not allowed. Wrigley field patrons who show up at the ballpark unaware of those restrictions will be offered a free disposable mask from the Wrigley Field staff.

WGN-TV News points out that the Cubs want fans to take their temperatures before coming out to the old ballpark, and your phone-based ticket will have an assigned gate printed on it, along with the time to be there and designated zone. Those zones also are in place for getting food and using the bathroom.

WGN-TV News:

Ordering food or drinks will be done using a touchless system through the MLB ballpark app, with the option to have food delivered to your seat.



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