Remember the days when you went to see the Cubs or Sox play and just the smell of Hot Dogs, and Popcorn made you hungry? Well baseball parks around the country offer more than Peanuts and Cracker Jacks. I was surprised to find what foods are now popping up at ballparks around the country from this article 10 Best Ballpark Foods.

It's interesting to see just how far we've come in offering a wide variety of foods to suit so many different tastes.

The Brewers at Miller Park offer their favorite "The Beast". It's a hotdog, inside a brat, wrapped in bacon on a pretzel roll. Hmmm Interesting I'd try that.

The Yankees (Yankees Stadium) serve up Meatball Parm sandwiches. Sounds pretty tasty.

And how about this interesting Kansas City Royals favorite: Cheesy Corn Brisket-Acho? It's tortilla chips smothered with brisket, cheesy corn, baked beans, coleslaw and BBQ sauce. Wow! Now that's a combination. Not sure if I'd be willing to try that.

Check out the list to what other tasty treats you can enjoy.

What interesting foods have you seen or even eaten at a baseball game.?

Maybe I'm boring but a good Chicago Style hotdog is absolutely fantastic for me! There's just something about the dill pickle that makes it's oh so good.