In Rockford, it's against the law to ride on city roads with an ATV.

We've had this problem in my neighborhood for a couple of years now. People are riding ATVs, dirt bikes, and other unlicensed vehicles up and down the streets.

I don't want to be the "grumpy guy" on the block, but they drive recklessly. I'm very concerned about someone getting seriously injured.

This week, the Rockford Police Department posted information about this issue on their Facebook page. Check it out...

#TuesdayTip: It is illegal to drive ATVs/dirt bikes on city streets.

🚨*One more time for those in the back*🚨

👏It is ILLEGAL to drive ATVs/dirt bikes on city streets! 👏Watch the video for where you can drive these vehicles and how to report law-breakers!

There are safe places to use those types of vehicles in our area, so please be careful.


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