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You can find all the answers for the past week’s trivia questions here.

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Monday: By the time you turn 35, you will have owned 25 of these?

A: Sunglasses

Winner: Holly from Davis Junction

Tuesday:  What is the 3rd Best selling board game of all time? Chess #1, Checkers #2

A: Backgammon

Winner: Tim from Evansville, WI

Wednesday: Crayons are the number one thing kids stick up their nose, what is number 2?

A: French Fries

Winner: Heather from Rockford

Thursday: What Major league baseball team charges the most for a small beer. ($12 oz will cost $7.75)?

A: Boston Red Sox

Winner: Mike from Ashton

Friday: 66% of men keep this memento from their childhood, What is it?

A: Their baseball glove

Winner: Stacie from Belvidere


Congratulations to all our winners!